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Growing up with Pinkxi, Page 2

The mundane adventures of BigBrownMonster and Little Pinkxi through the seasons.

Spring 2015


Hello Mister Meerkat! With the winter chill gone, the animals (& Pinkxi) looked somewhat chirpier too. Pinkxi and BBM love going to the …

$28 & a Yoyo


Last week, the lil critter set up her pop-up store, aptly named Pinkxi’s Happy Beads, at the craft market. She had put …

Beady Monsters


BBM was teaching Pinkxi how to get started with a new craft medium – fusebeads. Small beads and small hands go well …

Winter 2015


Winter is not BBM’s fav season….cos on some days they are really just too cold to get out of the house. Luckily …

Two Muffins


Pinkxi was given two muffins by the friendly neighbourhood baker. One was a plain banana muffin and the other had colourful chocolate rice on …

A bit of Superpower


When BBM picks Pinkxi up from school, they have a little ritual of telling each other about their day since the droppoff …

Autumn 2015


BBM brought Pinkxi to Springvale Market last weekend and got themselves a live mudcrab. BBM had been craving for mudcrabs for the …

Apples & Grapes


Pinkxi and BBM were on their weekly grocery run when they stopped at the fruit aisle and BBM gave her a small lesson …

Goodbye Mr Lee


The Statesman left this morning and there’ll be no lack of political commentators talking about his life and impact on a global …