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DIY Toys

BigBrownMonster loves toys. In fact, he loves making them too. He spends much of his waking hours thinking how to help Little Pinkxi grow up happily.
All craft projects listed here are designed/adapted from other sources by BigBrownMonster. Please give them a try and drop BigBrownMonster a line or two.

Batty Bat


Hallooooooweeeen is round the corner and BBM has created some last-minute batty deco that you and your lil critters can put together …

3-minute Smartphone Holder


Tired of holding up your smartphone while catching your fav videos during your break? There are tonnes of clever workarounds to be …

Paper Dolls


Remember the good old days when you trot down to the neighbourhood stationery stall to pick up the latest printed card/paper doll …



The million dollar question…what comes first? The Bird or the Egg? Guess we all had quite a bit of eggs over the …

Hanyu Pinyin Mini Cards


First of all, this is not a post on a DIY toy/craft project but rather a DIY teaching cards for learning /writing pinyin and …



Pinkxi has learnt some everyday science since she started prep last year. BBM is pleasantly surprised whenever she blurts out nuggets of …



Pinkxi’s amazed by the colourful tiny rubber bands found all over floor recently…they are in the playgrounds, escalators, restaurants, trains, shopping centres …

Change-a-scene card


It’s school holiday and BBM is kiddysitting. Pinkxi says it has been a while since they made something together (which is very …

Sushi Monster


Kiddo loves sushi (especially those yummy crunchy ebi tempura rolls…kiddo misses those sushi she made a while back). Kiddo loves monsters too. …