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A very brief burst of acute and uncontrollable rage. 

BBM’s rational mind had failed to catch up with that speeding rage and he snapped Lil Pinkxi’s favourite pencil into 2, because she repeatedly refused to do what she was told.




And before he realised what he had done, it was all over.

That the rage dissipated as fast as it came, leaving his rational mind to echo the shock of his actions. BBM could only hear his own questions over what he had done, while seeing Lil Pinkxi ran off crying.

BBM must have sat there for an eternity before bending over to pick up the broken pencil. What had he done? What did it now all mean? He could not fathom an answer and there was only a long silence as he stared at the artifact of his actions.

He knew of the rage and he knew it had to be apologised for. Most importantly he needed to let Lil Pinkxi know that that was not right and he should have known better….and of course to apologise for his actions.

Later that evening while putting Lil Pinkxi to bed, BBM apologised and gave her a hug. Lil Pinkxi told him that she felt afraid of the very angry (and very different) BBM. However, she too apologised for her earlier behaviour and both promised they will try their best not to get into the same situation again in the future.

BBM gave her the biggest hug and wished to himself that he’d do anything to turn back the clock and stop himself from breaking that pencil.

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Kitty Kitty DoH Ray Mee Fri, 05 May 2017 04:47:56 +0000 Share

A follow-up on some of the kitty cushions done earlier. Maybe for some they like simply to stare into the hypnotic eyes of cats. They appear in 3 sizes (good things usually come in 3s don’t they?)…A small wrist cushy for mouse catching action, a medium neck cushy for tv binge dates and the large which sits nicely between your tablets/laptops and well, your lap!

Kitty cushies are fully handmade. These kitty cushies love keeping you (& your ipad/book) company during the lazy afternoon or night in. *If you like cats but is unfortunately allergic to them, then this may just be the answer for you*. These kitty plushies certainly love a place in your homes.

Some of BBM’s acrylic cat paintings are also available for purchase as digital downloads OR you can simply message BBM directly to get your very own kitty cushies 🙂

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Our Vege Garden Thu, 23 Mar 2017 03:46:21 +0000 Share

We have a vege garden! And BBM has created a blog for it. Hope you guys can get round to checking it out HERE! BBM would appreciate any comments and gardening tips as he’s a total noob at planting and keeping plants alive.

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What Lies Ahead Mon, 13 Mar 2017 07:32:47 +0000 Share

Lil Pinkxi and BBM chanced upon a very special seat with a commemorative plaque at the National Rhododendron Gardens a while back. They decided to take a seat and rest their legs before continuing on their walk. BBM explained that it was installed to remember this special lady who probably loved this garden very much and that she had died a while back. 

Pinkxi: “Why is this the end of the road? I mean there is still a long way to walk (out of the garden).”

BBM: “Oh no no, it meant she is thinking about her life before she died.” 

Pinkxi: “So she wrote this before she died?” 

BBM: “Possibly” 

Pinkxi knotted her brows…”She stopped here before she died?” before she proceeded to figure out how long the lady had lived.

BBM: “Ermm perhaps she did like coming to this spot in the garden before she passed away.”

Pinkxi looked around. “Well, it’s got pretty flowers all around.” Still trying to work out the maths.

BBM: “So you think this view here is prettier than what is in a heaven or a hell?”

Pinkxi looked up and said “I don’t know about what is in a heaven or a hell. I only know that it is pretty here. Maybe she likes the view here. I like it….oh I got it! 67 years!”

BBM chuckled. “Why do you think it’s written here…a fresh start?”

Pinkxi: “Hmmm i don’t know….maybe it’s about a fresh start for other people resting on this seat. Maybe like us, they got tired of walking and they rested here for a bit. And after seeing the pretty flowers, they became not so tired anymore and can start walking again.”

BBM smiled. “Yes, possibly”

Such a in-the-moment literal reading to an otherwise conundrum about faith and the afterlife.

How true it is to pause, look up to see and smell the pretty flowers in our life’s journey. Even when we are tired and did stop, life flows for others who will walk further on this path. And with every chance that we can afford to pick ourselves up, consider it a fresh start. Perhaps only such is a Human’s life truly well-lived.

Thank you Ms Julia Potter.

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Cuddly Meows Sun, 12 Mar 2017 06:21:22 +0000 Share

BBM has gotten quite a few positive responses on the previous kitty plushies that he’d made.  Strangely he’s also been seeing some phantom cats popping up all over his house. What really intrigues him is that they are either napping or sneaking up on his sushis. Hmmm….. 


Kitty cushies are fully handmade. Napping kitties make great lap cushies and they love keeping you (& your ipad/book) company during the lazy afternoon or night in. *If you like cats but is unfortunately allergic to them, then this may just be the answer for you*. These kitty plushies certainly love a place in your homes.

Some of BBM’s acrylic cat paintings are also available for purchase as digital downloads at BBM’s Etsy shop OR you can simply message BBM directly 🙂

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Summer 2017 Thu, 09 Feb 2017 23:34:50 +0000 Share

This summer seems to be going on for quite a bit. But that also meant that BBM and Lil Pinkxi gets more days of fresh air and the great outdoors! Early summer days are great for venturing into the gardens and berry picking, and it’s always nice to have opportunities during her school hols to stretch ’em legs. 

Williamstown is a fav haunt for the BBM crew when they feel like ice cream and catching a view of the city across the bay. Usually enroute to their other popular school-cation destination – Scienceworks 🙂 For military history buffs, you guys can certainly catch the HMAS Castlemaine there. Maybe Pinkxi will appreciate such stuff when she’s older….

Oh yeshhhh berry-picking. A bit of a touristy thingy but Pinkxi and her friends (esp Zypzyp) loves strawberries. BBM thinks Zypzyp can probably gobble up the whole 10 rows of strawberries if left unchecked! But luckily he’s only Pinkxi’s imaginary friend (hmmm or maybe not? BBM can’t really be sure sometimes). Yarra valley is always popular for pickers during this time of the year…and the crew left with happy tummies and buckets full of berries.

The gardens are also blooming very nicely due to the warm weather. The crew also made a trip to National Rhododendron Gardens. Needless to say Pinkxi went totally gaga over the flowers and wished that she could shrink to fairy-portion and live a day amongst the pretty blooms.

Let’s hope the summer lingers on a bit more…without peaking above 33’C….

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Chinese New Year 2017 Fri, 27 Jan 2017 16:36:28 +0000 Share

Wow! Has it been a year?!?!?

The BBM Crew wishes everyone Happy New Year 2017! May the Fire Rooster bring health and happiness to everyone and may good sense prevail the world over 🙂

BBM has made these smartphone wallpapers/ angpaos (sized @ 1920×1080, 400dpi) for you to download. As always, remember to share the love!

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MiMee Thu, 05 Jan 2017 09:52:38 +0000 Share

MiMee came from outer space….at least that’s what Bigbrownmonster tells Lil Pinkxi. It’s unlike any other creature known to BBM and certainly not another Mr BowBow. It practically sleeps the whole day and then rules the night. One can never be too sure that the the that goes bump in the night is not MiMee. 

Nonetheless it appreciates the occasional critter company and can be sometimes found happily perched on top of the bookshelves, looking over the BBM Crew as they sew up cuddly creations before their next market day. Of cos like all its earth bound kitty peers, it is still trying to solve mystery of the unopened can of tuna and the seemingly impossible-to-hold red laser light.

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Leanny Bunny Fri, 09 Dec 2016 03:37:19 +0000 Share

Leanne's Bunnie

Leanny is a dreamy lil bunny. She likes nothing more than cosying up a cushion on a couch or propping herself comfortably at a high vantage point (oh she’s totally not afraid of heights!) and watch the clouds drift by.
Leanne's BunnieLeanne's Bunnie

Sometimes, she would be so lost amongst the clouds and forgets whereabouts she’s at….until her mummy’s voice gets picked up by those big bunny ears. Yesh…it’s those times when she has to hope right back home for her carroty cakes and stew.

Leanne's Bunnie

But her mummy would gladly tell you that she’s a quiet lil gal and she’s also a very good listener. I thinks she’ll grow up to be just about anyone’s best friend. 🙂

Fancy a PERSONALISED plushie for a very special someone?



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When you need a hand…… Fri, 25 Nov 2016 09:55:49 +0000 Share

Sometimes in life, we just wanna grab hold someone’s hand, give it a good hug…… like how we used to snuggle up to our papa or mama when we were lil critters. 

daddy's hand

Lil Pinkxi is affectionate to BBM (on most days) and BBM treasures every lil moments when she would hold his hands up close. Perhaps it’d come a day when she would grow up and…and….oh well that would be another story then.

daddy's hand

These hand cushies are custom made and has interchangeable sleeves. They can also be worn round the neck and double as a pretty good warmer on those cold miserable days of missing a dear one. Hand plushies can fit both kiddy and adult sizes.

daddy's hand

All hand cushies are handmade by BBM and each is customised to your choice of length. Pricing varies. Basic designs start from AUD80.

Fancy a PERSONALISED hand plushie for a very special someone?

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