The Story of 3 Little Pigs

3 Lil Pigs

Kiddo bugged on and on about having the story of 3 little pigs told to her the whole morning. So decided to have her co-create the story instead.

The strategy is to keep things really simple, make them fast (e.g. use staple, sticky tape instead of glue) and try to stretch the narrative throughout the entire exercise. If attention span is stretched, take a break and return to it later. Remember to constantly take ques from kiddos.

Had asked kiddo about what she knew the story, where had she read it, who had read it to her, how she imagined each character was like, what they would be wearing, what’s the scale of their houses, what material were they made from and if she knew how to draw them etc etc.

Always had small tasks at hand, e.g. singing, dancing, drawing, colouring, tearing, sticking, to keep her from wandering away from the table.

Make sure the grass and wooden houses are collapsible and the brick house should be sturdy and spacious enough to accommodate all 3 pigs (it had slots cut into its back allowing it to be held by 1 side of the cardboard tray). The whole set was also designed to fit a dedicated cardboard tray for easy ‘housekeeping’.

3 Lil Pigs3 Lil Pigs

Names of the characters were also written on their backs. She then got to practice recognising basic Mandarin characters like 大,二,三.

When it’s all done, she played with it independently for a while before she was asked to narrate the story.

3 Lil Pigs3 Lil Pigs

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