It’s a C, it’s a Snake

Well, Snake doesn’t begin with the letter C but here’s a learning exercise in revising shapes (squares, rectangles, triangles and circle), counting, fine motor skills and creativity. Very simple and fast to do with kiddo.

Here’s how I went about it…..

  • Kiddo was first asked to draw a short line representing a tiny snake and gradually (with adult’s help) lengthening it into a full circle on a large piece of paper.
  • Prepared 8 squares and 4 triangles cut from different coloured paper. Got kiddo to make simple cuts e.g. cutting a square into 2 triangles.
  • Guided kiddo to paste the shapes onto the previously drawn circle. Got kiddo to count the number of squares, triangles as we went along.
  • Got kiddo to draw in a head+tongue of a snake on one of the squares.
  • Made a cut where the head of the snake is and cut out the rest of the snake.
  • Then ‘magically’ folded the snake into 1 single square and watched her ‘woah’ moment.
  • Extended it into various length, shapes like ‘C’ and the final ‘O-sized’ snake that kiddo had previously drawn.
  • May want to have sticky tapes at the folds so that it does not tear easily from kiddo’s handling.
  • Then let kiddo try the fold or simply let the snake hang round their necks.
  • Enjoy!


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