Chicken in a bowl

Chicken in a bowl
Eh, no I’m not serving up braised chicken in a bowl. Rather, it is your very own portable non-clucking pecking chicken .
Chicken in a bowl
All you need for this simple toy are:

  • 1 ice cream stick
  • 1 rubber band
  • half a toilet roll
  • a takeaway box/bowl
  • 5 cent/10 cent coin
  • assorted colour paper
  • sticky tape


  • Half the ice cream stick.
  • Drill 2 hole on both sides of a takeaway box/bowl.
  • Staple 1 end of the toilet roll. Drill a hole just slightly bigger than the thickness of the rubber band on each side of the toilet roll.
  • Stick on the coin at the inner side of bottom end of the chicken. This is to weigh down one end so that the chicken will come to rest at the right position after rocking.
  • Decorate the roll into the form of a chicken, i.e. draw on the eyes, stick on crest, beak, wings and feet. Make sure that extensions to the sides of the roll are kept to a minimum length as to not hinder the rocking (you wouldn’t want have these it touch the insides of takeaway box/bowl).
  • Stretch the rubber band through the holes on the sides of the chicken and the takeaway box/bowl.
  • Centre the chicken in the box/bowl. Note that the chicken should not be loose and should catch onto the stretched rubber band.

Chicken in a bowl

  • Hold the rubber band in place on each end with half an ice cream stick.
  • Give it a slight tap.If the rocking motion is not satisfactory, adjust the position of the coin.
  • Kiddo likes the idea of this bird being in its nest with eggs, so a few eggs were drawn and stuck on the inside of the takeaway box/bowl.

Chicken in a bowl

Here’s kiddo chatting to her very own portable chicken-in-a-bowl.

Go ahead, feed the chicken some grains and watch it peck away.

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