5 Minute Dog


A very simple one for this week. A dog pieced together by a few simple cardboard cutouts. The objective is to create a toy that has interchangeable parts, that can grow with kiddo’s imagination and when not in use, folded flat (for most parts) and packed away.

As you can see…only 3 main parts to this. The most complicated portion would be constructing an open top ‘chinese noodle takeaway’-shaped box for the head.

5 minute Dog

The next part that needed some precision is the width of the connecting neck portion and the opening on the head-box. The former should be held tautly once it slides in to the headbox.
5 minute Dog

A point to note is to have the fore legs longer so that it maintains balance even when the heavier head is slotted in.
5 minute Dog
5 minute Dog

Embellish the dog with ears, nose or alter its tail as you deem fit. To watch it move, simply tap lightly at its hind leg fold and it’d inch its way forward. 🙂
5 minute cardboard Dog

Now kiddo gets to decorate it (I treasure these white cardboard since it allows kiddo to apply colour readily. Markers, colour pencils, crayons simply show better on white than brown). If you wanna tie a ‘leash’ on the dog, make sure you stick tape/glue the neck portion to the head box first.

5 minute DogDoggy

& here’s Kiddo’s recent drawing of the doggy that got me making one.

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