Egg Tray Garden

It’s spring and the flowers are blooming. Kiddo’s excited with the prospect of seeing the blooms, perhaps she remembered what it’d been like months back. So this project began life as a simple ‘draw and make flowers’ exercise.

All you need is a paper egg tray, colour paper, ice cream sticks, sticky tape, scissors and markers. Kiddo decided on the 3 colours of her flower patch, helped sticking the paper cutouts onto the ice cream sticks and scribbled/’coloured in’ parts of every flower (for reasons known to her, red marker for red flowers, blue marker for purple flowers and brown marker for blue flowers).

Then add in the element of matching numbers into the designed play. Numbers are written behind each flower, stumps on the eggtray are tagged and to help kiddo further, dots are added to the leaves.

Flowers can be tucked away nicely into the tray after play.  flowers2

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