Carrot Monster Mask

Another simple DIY to while away an hour in the afternoon with kiddo.

We had recently visited the museum and caught an exhibition on PNG tribal headdress made of Birds of Paradise feathers. Guess kiddo got somewhat inspired to create one of her own using her hairband (‘so I can  wear it on my head’ she reasoned. i thought that’s a pretty good idea coming from a 4-yr-old), but she wanted to make a carrot headdress so here goes……

What you need are:

  • A plastic hairband
  • sticky tape
  • colour paper
  • coloring material
  • scissors
  • twine


  • The headdress consisted of the top ‘leafy’ bits and a facial mask portion.
  • Cut 2 pieces of twine to length (make sure that it is long enough to stretch from above the ears to cheeks) and tie/use sticky tape to securely attach a piece to each side of the hair band.
  • Make leaves/feathers and mask portion out of colour paper. Kiddo is free to decorate+colour these parts.


Now isn’t that a pip.

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