Remember those loopy moments on vintage ACME cartoons. Here’s an attempt to create a snapshot of such a moment. Of course it need not be a shark…it could be a lil chicks going round a hen, rabbits going round a huge turnip…you get the idea.

What you need are:

  • colour paper (for water, float, shark)
  • cardboard (for human figure)
  • crayons/markers
  • scissors
  • ice cream stick
  • brass fastener
  • sticky tape
  • hole puncher


  • Prepare the following items…draw and cut out the figure+ float, shark on paper+cardboard.
  • Spirals work really well if you need crate a sense of movement.
  • Make a small incision on the centre of the lid.


  • Stick on the water spiral and bits of the shark onto the lid. Sticky tape is probably the best way to have them stuck on.


  • At the bottom of the human figure, punch a hole so that you can insert the ends of the brass fastener through later.


  • Clamp one end of the ice cream stick with the brass fastener and insert the ends of the fastener through the incision made on the lid.


  • Fasten the human figure to the lid. It should be taut and stay in place when the lid is turned.


  • Now hold the toy by the ice cream stick and simply turn to watch the swimmer becomes sharkbait! 🙂


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