Mini Side Slings

“PowWowColourmatic Straps and Outraraaageous Buckles goes with Pretty Prints!”, proclaimed BBM and Pinkxi noded in agreement. But Pinkxi thought maybe it’s time BBM make her another pouch and maybe she can help carry his mini tablet in it. BBM agreed…though he wasn’t quite sold about the mini tablet idea. Hmmmmm…..

*Prices are exclusive of postage and packaging cost. Kindly contact BBM for postage & packaging details to your area before ordering.

Mini Side Slings. AUD30 each *Lil Critter and Canis lupus familiaris not included*

Mini Side SlingsMini Side Slings
Mini Side SlingsMini Side Slings

Mini Side Slings
Mini Side Slings
Mini Side Slings

The slings can be custom-made with your choice of colour for straps:

  • dark brown
  • light brown
  • pink
  • red
  • blue
  • olive green
  • orange
  • black

& colour for buckles: white, black, yellow.

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