‘Big School’ Day



It was Pinkxi’s first day attending ‘Big School’ today.

While BBM was getting her schoolbag ready for the day, Pinkxi tugged at BBM’s leg and said “I’m a little afraid and maybe I don’t want to go to Big School.”

BBM asked why did she suddenly feel so, as she had been pretty excited during the past weeks leading up to ‘Big School’ day. Pinkxi replied that she was afraid that she will not have any friends in her new class and was concerned that other critters are smarter than her.

BBM patted on Pinkxi’s head and whispered. “i’m going to tell you a secret. I’m a little afraid too.” Pinkxi looked up, bewildered.

“You see, I’m not very good at driving and I really do not like doing it very much. But now that Pinkxi needs to go to Big School, I’m going to try my best and fetch you safely to and from school.”

“So if you try to make friends with your classmates and learn difficult things from your teachers, I’m sure you will have new friends and become pretty smart like everyone else very soon. Then, you will surely like going to Big School.”

“& BBM’s going to like driving after a while too?” Pinkxi asked.

“Like Pinkxi, BBM’s going to try very hard too. I suppose one day I may just like it.”

Happy Lunar New Year folks!
May we ride through this year’s challenges with the help of the Green Wood Horse.

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