Pinkxi turned a year older this week.

On the days leading up to her big day, she ran through a list of things what she wanted to do other than the oft-repeated “It’s going to be my birthday this week”. BBM tried tuning out after a while since there was certainly nothing to stop this lil critter (possibly only till past her birthday). Lil critters have so little to do yet so much to look forward to, BBM thought to himself.

Last night after BBM was done reading her the bedtime story, Pinkxi cuddled up to him and repeated to him her favourite sentence of the week. By then BBM was clearly quite exasperated and replied a grouchy “So?”. Missing his reaction all together, Pinkxi simply whispered into his ear, “so can I have more cuddles and bedtime stories after I am a year older?”

BBM kind of melted a little there and then.

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