It’s past the first week of school and Pinkxi had made a couple of new friends.

Pinkxi liked playing with one of them in particular because she thought it was a very brave little critter. It was fearless when it came to outclimbing and outrunning even some of the other older critters. She also thought it was fun to hang around with since it had some really great game ideas.

One morning, while they were playing in school, they accidentally tore off some of the notices that were put up. Pinkxi and her critter friend were having too much fun to pay much attention to the damage until a Warden Monster came by and pointed it out to them. In a split second, her critter friend outed Pinkxi as the culprit while Pinkxi denied this and asserted that it was done by both of them. The Warden Monster looked on sternly and asked if they had anything else to say. By then, Pinkxi’s friend had shifted itself behind her and got tongue tied. Pinkxi could only look sheepishly at the damage and apologised meekly, before the Warden Monster got them to help put up some new notices.

Pinkxi recounted the incident to BBM later that afternoon. BBM praised her for helping the Warden Monster with replacing the notices and was glad that she was being responsible with repairing the damages, just like how one should clean up their own mess (e.g. washing her own cups and dishes). To Pinkxi’s surprise, BBM also told her that she had been quite brave too. Pinkxi, who never quite saw herself synonymous with the word brave, was not quite sure what BBM meant. After all, she was never brave when it comes to climbing, running or talking to strangers for that matter.

BBM patted her head and said, “You know, sometimes it takes a lot more courage to say sorry than to climb a tall mountain. We are all afraid of somethings but we should never ever be afraid to own up to our mistakes and take responsibility for them. For this, I think you deserve a scoop of ice cream.”

Pinkxi grinned and enjoyed the coolness melting away the summer heat.

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