Pinkxi grouchily told BBM that she had no one to play with during her break.

BBM knows that Pinkxi takes a lot of effort to warm up to new faces. Besides encouraging her to persevere and assuring her that it’s only the second week of school, BBM did not think very much else of it as he reckoned that it’s just a passing phase.

One afternoon while BBM was picking up Pinkxi, BBM decided to take the opportunity to spy on how she interacts with other critters. Perhaps she would be lucky today, thought BBM. Well, it turned out that while Pinkxi did try to engage some of her new classmates….the only issue was how she went about it.

You see, Pinkxi would roll her eyes and spoke in an exasperated tone when she did not agree with what her friends said. Other times, she’d let out huge sighs and act all grumpy and ’stomped’ away. Surely these expressions and body language do not win her any favours when it comes to winning new friends. And Pinkxi certainly didn’t land herself a play mate that afternoon.

Correcting her behaviour and body language can be easily done, BBM thought to himself. Pinkxi had to be reminded that one should never be rude to friends. Everyone can be offended by inappropriate body language. If she was able to empathise how her friends feel, perhaps it’d be less of an issue in the future.

The challenge for BBM was to teach Pinkxi that not everyone will agree with what she wants to do/play. It is definitely more important to talk about compromise and to learn how that she can agree to disagree when things do not go her way. Of course, then can she negotiate for having turns at playing the games she want. If only thats easily translated to adult monsters, perhaps then the world will be a nicer & safer place……

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