Winter 2015

Winter is not BBM’s fav season….cos on some days they are really just too cold to get out of the house. Luckily BBM had been brought up as a mall rat and on days its simply easier to hang out in the relative warmth of the mall’s air conditioning. Just a couple of weeks back, BB chanced upon this crazy bit of earwax remover from Daiso. Not only does it do the job…it can be illuminated too! NOt sure how well it’d work….maybe he could try it out on Pinkxi but she’s just too ticklish to lay still for the ‘dig’…guess it’ll be a mini light saber instead!


Oh did BBM mention that Pinxki dropped her first baby tooth this season too? Here’s a not too glam shot of her grinnnnning into the camera and obviously very happy that the tooth fairy will be scheduling a visit soon (and BBM has to find a discreet way of slipping the gold coin under her pillow).


Winter nights are long and can be boring for a lil critter. Luckily BBM and Pinkxi loved nothing more than putting up shadow puppet plays after dinner. They had loads of fun with just a camping lamp and a sheet of calico. And Pinkxi’s at the age where she loves coming up with her own tall tales 🙂


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