When you need a hand……


Sometimes in life, we just wanna grab hold someone’s hand, give it a good hug…… like how we used to snuggle up to our papa or mama when we were lil critters. 

daddy's hand

Lil Pinkxi is affectionate to BBM (on most days) and BBM treasures every lil moments when she would hold his hands up close. Perhaps it’d come a day when she would grow up and…and….oh well that would be another story then.

daddy's hand

These hand cushies are custom made and has interchangeable sleeves. They can also be worn round the neck and double as a pretty good warmer on those cold miserable days of missing a dear one. Hand plushies can fit both kiddy and adult sizes.

daddy's hand

All hand cushies are handmade by BBM and each is customised to your choice of length. Pricing varies. Basic designs start from AUD80.

Fancy a PERSONALISED hand plushie for a very special someone?

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