Other Services



BigBrownMonster provides the following services too.

  • Creative Consultancy – consultancy for children e-learning pedagogies and educational toy designs
  • Corporate Design – mascot design, plush prototyping, gift designs for events
  • Visual Design – personal/business branding/id (e.g. logos, namecards, publicity material)
  • Caricatures – a market favorite! Also services private and corporate events too!
  • Seal Engraving – inject a touch of Chinese heritage into your branding exercise. Oh, it can be done with alphabets too!

Last but not least….. all prices quoted are in AUD.

If you are a aquarium hobbyist, skip over to BBM’s hobby blog where you can pick up some accessories for nano aquariums.


For further enquiries, contact BigBrownMonster 🙂

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