Paper Beads Tweddler

Making paper beads is not a girly thing.
In fact it’s a rather challenging thing to do for a 3 year old cos it’s not easy for them to roll fine tight beads.
So here’s a quick way to make a simple ‘tweedling’ tool with no more than an ice cream stick and a paper clip.
The beads will have bigger holes and this allows them to thread with greater ease.
It’s also an exercise to finetune motor skills and learn about sequences.

Paper bead tweedler

Paper bead tweedler

Paper bead tweedler


Should be a fun thing to do with your kid though they may need help learning to roll, tape/glue and finish up each bead.
Try to get them to make for mums/dad/grands/that special someone and I’m sure they’ll be up to the task.
Of course there’s lots of room for playing dressups here too. Enjoy!

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