Handcrafted Wands

Each wand is handcrafted by BBM. These are NOT toys for children but can possibly be used for a bit of cosplaying and your other magical needs. The design of the wands are inspired by elements from nature and traditional aesthetics from various cultures. The wands are also named from the diverse languages around the world.

No 2 wands are alike and they are imbued with qualities that fit certain personalities. Get in touch to find out about prices if you find something you like. Availability is as noted below.

The Seasons

Spring / Rbye

Hand carved from a piece of Meranti, this wand measures 36cm and weighs 22g. It has been carved straight and then tapers off in a spiral towards its fore. It is engraved with intricate floral motif.

It seeks an owner who embodies the spirit of Spring and delights in beauty of the littlest things. He/she is nurturing, has a balanced temperament and a much understated resilience.


Summer / Natsu

Hand carved from a piece of Meranti, this wand measures 40cm and weighs 23g. It is engraved with the theme of perennial florals blooming in Summer. The use of different color stains and play of straights, curves and dots, transcribe the mood of the season.

It is seeking an owner who embodies the spirit of Summer. He/she is resolute, confident and generous. Yet he/she also appreciates and energizes the diverse company he/she keeps.


Autumn / Ashun

Coming soon.

Winter / Talvi

Coming soon.

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