BigBrownMonster’s World

In the world of BigBrownMonster, critters commute to work, have meals, walk their pets, watch TeeVee, go to bed and dream……pretty much just like the rest of us on this planet. Sometimes things may look and sound different here in BigBrownMonster’s little slice of heaven but take a closer look and you’ll find that it’s the same love that makes it go round and round.

BigBrownMonster’s philosophy is simple. He thinks life is a journey that gets lit up whenever we stumble/trip over precious bits of oddly-shaped happiness. So while happiness can be found in the simplest of things and weirdest of circumstances, many find themselves getting lost as they often searched in the wrong places.

BigBrownMonster likes to create stuff too. In fact, he believes in the balance of visual appeal, functionality and safety in any design. And good design, especially those that tell a story, simply makes great art.

He doodles, crafts, paints, reads, writes, cooks, cleans and dreams whenever possible. He currently resides in Melbourne Australia with his wife, a cheeky daughter, a retiree dog and some shrimps. Oh, he likes dark choc-coated shortbreads too. You can view his design-related biz here & his veg garden project here. 🙂

Bigbrownmonster & 39-day-old Pinkxi

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