Sushi Monster

Kiddo loves sushi (especially those yummy crunchy ebi tempura rolls…kiddo misses those sushi she made a while back). Kiddo loves monsters too. Bigbrownmonster reckons that perhaps her dream date will be a walking talking ebi tempura roll monster. Well until that day when one turns up at their door, BBM is just glad to help her make her own.

What you need are:

  • colour paper (yellow/orange, red, black)
  • toilet paper roll
  • tissue paper
  • ice cream stick
  • crayons and markers
  • scissors
  • glue
  • sticky tape


  • Cut up a toilet paper roll to reduce its diameter if necessary. You need a ‘slimmer’ look for it to be a sushi roll. 🙂 Remember to secure it up with sticky tape.
  • Cut up a piece of black paper (big enough to wrap around the toilet roll), crush/crumple it and rub green crayon over 1 side so that it resembles nori.

Ebi Roll Monster

  • To make your ebi, simply roll up a piece of yellow/orange paper, taper it on one end and attach a piece of fan-shaped red paper as its tail. Kiddo can then colour / add some details onto the ebi.
  • Attach an ice cream stick at the other end of the ebi (on its inside). This will serve as a handle to the monster puppet. Secure the stick with sticky tape.
  • Stuff the hollow ebi with tissue paper.

Ebi Roll Monster

  • Next, apply glue on the underside of the nori and wrap up the toilet roll with it. Since it is longer than the roll, fold the sides inwards.

Ebi Roll Monster

  • Place ebi in the roll and stuff tissue between the two. Make sure that the roll is well stuff so that the ebi does not slip off during play.
  • Dab on glue on the tissue on both ends of the roll. This should help hold the tissue and ebi in place.

Sushi Monster

  • To finish it off, let kiddo decorate the Sushi Monster.

Ebi Roll Monster

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