Autumn 2014

It seems that the cold began to set in earlier this year. It’s also a good time to get indoors and check out the art exhibitions in town. BBM was totally inspired by all the creative stuff in the galleries and Pinkxi got to play around with the interactive installations at the kiddy galleries and workshops.

Pinkxi having fun at National Gallery Victoria

Luckily the BBM Crew also managed to catch a working holiday in tropical French Polynesia and Auckland for a couple of weeks! For that few days, they are worlds away from the cold from Melb Town. Auckland’s really fun as you can see below….Pinkxi checking out Auckland Museum and Hobbiton. Though Pinkxi was rather disappointed that she didn’t get to meet any Hobbits while they were there.


The BBM Crew got a good spell of sunshine when they were travelling in Tahiti as well. Pinkxi made some friends with the hermit crabs that roam the pretty beaches. Pinkxi would really like to bring them home but BBM said they should really stay on their piece of paradise.

Hello Lil Crabs!
Clear waters, sandy beaches and lovely weather! Now that’s a holiday!

BBM tried real hard to get Pinkxi to snorkel but it seems that she still has a while to go before she can pluck up enough courage to go under water. At least she tried on a few occasions and she did promise that she’ll work harder on her swimming lessons back in Melb Town.

One cannot afford (well, literally) to have too much of a  good thing and the crew was out of paradise before they could get too comfy with the lovely beaches….oh well……at least they got a healthy tan and were ready for winter.

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