Winter 2012

Winter is cold and has shorter daylight hours but this doesn’t hamper Pinkxi from having fun with BigBrownMonster. They did make it to the zoo on another occasion and saw the latest addition – the great silverbacks. Perhaps its the shorter daylight and the cooler temperature, these majestic animals were pretty active and came real close to Pinkxi when picking out the meals left by the keepers. Pinkxi was probably most tickled by one very smart meerkat which refused to budge from the heating lamp.


Winter is also the best time for piping hot curries! While BigBrownMonster’s stomach doesn’t always agree with spicy stuff, he loves the fragrance of spices filling up the kitchen (though it also permeates through the entire apartment). Since having Pinkxi around, BigBrownMonster has learnt to still whip up yummilicious curry, without the fire. At least Pinkxi gets to try some.

But the top favouritest winter food for BigBrownMonster and Pinkxi would surely be smokin’ crunchy fried tofu, fish balls and ‘lor bak’/’ngo hiang’ (Chinese five spice mince meat spring roll). These’re just finger lickin good…..:)


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