Winter 2013

This winter has been one of the longest BBM can remember since they started living in Melbourne. The cold doesn’t seem to affect Pinkxi much though, perhaps kids are simply a lot more resilient to changes….minus the few bouts of flu.

This few months has been marked by many events. BBM and Pinkxi were separated for a while when BBM had to make an urgent overseas trip to help take care of Grandpa Monster. But Pinkxi behaved herself really well and they skyped whenever she missed BBM. Pinkxi’s teachers even arranged for BBM to skype with her class!

Nonetheless, BBM’s back after a few weeks and they resumed their adventure. For them, the highlight for winter was surely their roadtrip to Adelaide. Enroute they saw the wild koalas, the 12 Apostles, the Blue Lake, caves at Naaracoorte, wineries and even pandas at the Adelaide Zoo!

That’s Funi. One of the 2 pandas residing in Adelaide Zoo.
Not quite wildlife but certainly larger than life! Enroute to Grampians.

They even caught their very first footy game!

Go Pies!

Well, there’s now Spring to look forward to!

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