Spring 2013

Ahhhhh finally Spring is here….brrrr and it’s still kindda wet and cold. Nonetheless it’s an interesting few months for our lovely BBM Crew.

Pinkxi gets a chance to tour the Sea Shepard ships that go round the world protecting our marine environment. Pinkxi and her friends are thrilled when the crew showed them around the ship. Pinkxi has never been on big boat before and this was certainly an eyeopener. She even gets a chance to plonk herself in the Captain’s seat.


The weather’s warming up and everyone’s moving out to enjoy the spells of sunshine. Guess it’s a traditional time for markets and circuses too when as the BBM crew got ready to set up stalls and go about catching circus acts around town.


Pinkxi’s having so much fun this Spring in her kindy but very soon, she’d have to ‘graduate’ and prepare herself for the ‘Big School’. Well, there’re still a couple of months of summer to prepare for that.

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