BBM and Pinkxi were on their weekly grocery run when a teddy bear caught her eye. As with previous occasions, Pinkxi is allowed to carry an object she fancies around the supermarket and BBM makes it a point to have her return it to its shelf before checking out.

Today, however, proved to be very different.

For the very first time, Pinkxi refused to return the teddy bear and bawled her lungs out in public. & BBM flustered (well, for a few seconds)…. before collecting his thoughts and regained control of the situation.

As much as BBM ‘wants’ Pinkxi to be the happiest lil critter, he has always been careful about what is spent on her and how money is spent in her presence. BBM explained to Pinkxi that she does not always get what she wants and she could look forward to the next time they visit the supermarket. Until today, it had seemed to be relatively easier for her to accept such rationale.

It took a whole new level of pacification and discipline to turn the situation around. A stern-faced BBM was finally able get the bear back onto its shelf while Pinkxi was wheeled out sobbing. Still very much upset for not having what she fancied but reminded that she’s now something else to look forward to the next time she visits the supermarket.

Today’s episode seemed to throw up a different, though albeit awkwardly assertive side of her growing personality. BBM thinks that while part of Pinkxi knows what she ought not to have done, her growing ‘want’ got the better of her. BBM likes to think that it’s a positive thing (to a certain degree….for the growing assertiveness) though he’s pretty aware that it’d certainly take more to reason with a growing critter in months and years to come……

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