Table Manners


BBM thinks table manners should be taught at a young age. Certainly by 5 years old, there should be some semblance of understanding from the child that there are certain “do-nots” at the dining table.

In this instance, BBM wasn’t too pleased about Pinkxi picking out only what she liked from a sharing plate, and in the process, making a mess on the table. BBM was brought up to appreciate whatever food that are prepared and served on the table. To BBM, it is simple courtesy and respect to pick from the morsel closest to your dining plate/bowl and not rummage through the dish in a ‘treasure hunt’ for the bits that you like.

Time and time again Pinkxi gets reminded of BBM’s “do-nots”. The Top 10 BBM Pet Peeves at the dining table are;

(1) not addressing your elders and giving thanks before you start eating

(2) playing with toys/tablets/smartphones/ watching television programmes while having dinner

(3) slouching or being in all manners of position while eating

(4) playing with dining utensils

(5) talking loudly with your mouth open while obviously trying to chow down food

(6) not finishing whatever that are on your plate before asking for topups

(7) repeatedly asking for topups of things you like / rummaging for only what you like (see above)

(8) going ‘eeeks’, ‘yucks’, ‘I don’t like this/that’ while eating

(9) not finishing up the food on your dining plate/bowl during dinner and asking for food immediately after dinner

(10) making a mess around your eating area, leaving without clearing up thoroughly or washing your own dishes. Soon BBM will start Pinkxi with washing her own dishes. For now Pinkxi’s getting more practice with wiping down her side of the table after her meal (well, let’s just say she’s getting better at it).

Granted that every family’s meal-time culture’s different but BBM believes that families who dine together are generally a closer lot. Respect for others and oneself comes through when you observe your set of “do-nots” and it’s totally important to walk-the-talk in front of lil critters, especially when dining outside of home.

So what are some of your pet peeves at the dining table?


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