Sushi Clip Ons

Sushi Clip Ons

BBM & Pinkxi loves the occasional sushi treat. Pinkxi would gobble down tamago, ikura sushis and avocado rolls, along with a cup of chawanmushi, in matter of minutes. BBM, on the other hand, loves nothing more than his ebi, uni, maguro sushis, washed down with a cup of warm sake.

BBM remembers those unbelievably realistic wax mock food displays in Japanese restaurant’s windows. He often wished that he could learn how to make these and build his very own collection of wax food items. But he’s pretty cool with his needles and thread too so here’s some fabric mini sushi plushies that he’s whipped out last week. Just a few designs for now…so watch this place to see what new sushis get made soon.

On the other hand, Pinkxi is simply thrilled to have a tamago sushi dangling on her schoolbag.

Handcrafted sushi plush clipons are about 7 cm long and are now available as made2order. Prices start from AUD12.

Sushi Set

Fancy a PERSONALISED plush for a very special someone?