Leanny Bunny

Leanne's Bunnie

Leanny is a dreamy lil bunny. She likes nothing more than cosying up a cushion on a couch or propping herself comfortably at a high vantage point (oh she’s totally not afraid of heights!) and watch the clouds drift by.
Leanne's BunnieLeanne's Bunnie

Sometimes, she would be so lost amongst the clouds and forgets whereabouts she’s at….until her mummy’s voice gets picked up by those big bunny ears. Yesh…it’s those times when she has to hope right back home for her carroty cakes and stew.

Leanne's Bunnie

But her mummy would gladly tell you that she’s a quiet lil gal and she’s also a very good listener. I thinks she’ll grow up to be just about anyone’s best friend. 🙂

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