BBM agreed to let Pinkxi help prepare wanton for dinner. Pinkxi is always eager to help in the kitchen, perhaps because it’s usually off-limits to her and she likes nothing more than sneaking into the pantry to give BBM a big “BOOOO!”

Both of them gathered up the ingredients and Pinkxi worked hard to help BBM prepare the marinated meat paste for their wantons (See below for recipe). BBM taught Pinkxi how to go about filling and pinching wantons and she put in great effort to get some into wantonish-shapes. While they worked on the wanton-wrapping, BBM asked if Pinkxi liked helping in the kitchen and she nodded. She then asked if BBM used to help Grandma Monster in her kitchen too. BBM replied that was indeed what happened when he was a lil critter.

“Are these going to be the same wantons that you made with Grandma when you were little, Papa?”

“Well, probably….” BBM paused and felt his eyes clouded a little, “emmm not…..Cos Grandma’s wantons are the most special wantons in the world heh.”

“Were they more yummy than ours?”

“Hohoho, yes yes…but they are, well….a different type of yummy.” BBM grinned.

“Can we make ours as yummy as hers?”

“Heh, yes yes we can try.” BBM chuckled and put a kitty-shaped wanton into Pinkxi’s flour-dusted hand.

Pinkxi handled it with care and BBM hoped that their wantons will one day be special to her too.


BBM Really Ordinary Wantons Recipe:

1. Finely dice a carrot, a couple of stalks of spring onions and 200g of prawns before mixing them into 500g of mince pork. Carrots and spring onion must be very finely diced so that they wouldn’t break the wanton skin when they are being wrapped later.
2. To that, add 2 tbsp of light soy sauce, 1 tbsp of sesame oil, 2 tbsp chinese wine, a generous dash of white pepper and 1 tsp of chicken stock powder. Or simply to taste.
3. Knead them together to make a sticky meat paste. Throw them repeatedly into the mixing bowl to get a bit of bounce.
4. The paste was then set aside for 30 minutes so that it’s well marinated.
5. Place 3/4 tsp of paste into wanton skin, wet and pinch the edges together. Make sure there is no visible opening. Portion should make about 30-35 wantons.
6. Place gently in boiling water, stir occasionally to prevent them sticking to the bottom of the pot. Take care not to break the skin while stirring. Once wantons float, they’re ready to be served with (‘dry’ or mee goreng instant) noodles, boiled choy sum and slices of charsiew.


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