Winter 2014

Winter was relatively mild this year. The BBM Crew didn’t have a chance to go up to the mountains for the snow but they did get their fair share of gusty winds, rain, rain and more rain and not forgetting, hail, over the winter months.

Winter was also a great time for BBM as he managed to catch up with long time friends who are traveling from overseas. On the rare days of brilliant sunny weather, the BBM Crew managed to drive them out to Yarra Valley to sample not just wine from the numerous wineries but also great treats like handcrafted chocolates and cheese!

Pinkxi in the chocolate heaven!

No visit to Down Under is complete for any urbanite without a trip to a farm. Pinkxi made new friends with the other lil critters who came along with BBM friends. BBM did his best with his OinkyOinky impersonations and that was a crowd winner. Pinkxi was glad that her furry friends seemed not to mind the cold too much.

BBM goes Oinky!

Guess the highlight of this winter must be BBM Crew’s visit to the Dreamworks Exhibition at ACMI. There’s no stopping Pinkxi from going bonkers with the Madagascar Penguins, Gromit and Toothless! Oh well, BBM’s a pretty big boy fan of those animations as well and there’s certainly lots of things to see and do at the show, and BBM had to make sure that he didn’t empty out his wallet on the merchandise that came with the exhibition.


So it’s time to wash and pack away those winter coats soon, fingers crossed….hmmm maybe not, since one can never be too sure how’s spring’s going to turn out.

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