Dragon Boat

Dragon Boat

Kiddo saw a dragon boat race on our way to her childcare earlier this week. She was totally surprised that ‘so many people’ could fit into a very tiny boat and they ‘row row row very fast hor?’ So I told kiddo that we’d get round to make one this weekend.

It’s somewhat easy to do. You’d need he following material:

  • 2 ice cream sticks
  • half an egg crate
  • 2-3 toilet rolls
  • colour paper
  • craft string
  • markers
  • 1 10 cent coin
  • stapler
  • sticky tape
  • hole puncher
  • scissors


  • To make the figures, cut rolls into quarters strips, punch a hole on each end and stick on faces that were drawn on coloured paper. i’d made 5 rowers and 1 drummer. kiddo drew+cut out the faces and coloured the figures.
  • Asked kiddo what she remembered from the race she saw. Did she see people rowing? Was there a drummer? Do they row when they hear the drumming? What do they use to row?
  • Cut out oars from rolls and attach on rowers. i’d made the drummer with raised hands.
  • Stick the coin on the back of the figure furthest from the drummer. this acts as weight to pull the figures back into position.
  • Attach 1 ice cream stick on each end of the egg crate.
  • Secure drummer to the stick at the front of the boat.
  • String up the rowers (through their top holes) and tie the ends to the top of the ice cream sticks. kiddo can help with the stringing.
  • String up the rowers at their bottom holes but allow one end to exit the bottom hole of the drummer. this will be the end which kiddo will pull to move the rowers.
  • Use individual halves of a roll as the dragon head and tail of the boat. attach colour paper cut outs of the head and tail. decorate the rest of the boat as you deem fit.
  • Last but not least, throw a rug/blanket as an imaginary body of water and let kiddo ‘row’ the boat. 🙂

Here’s kiddo pulling the boat across some ‘green green water’……

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