Autumn 2012

BigBrownMonster and Pinkxi love autumn because the weather is cooler and it’s great to go outdoors. When the wind picks up and the rain stays away, it’s simply the best time to pack some sandwiches and go kite flying!


Recently made a trip up Sovereign Hill in Ballarat and Pinkxi was thrilled to go on the mine tour and pan for gold with other kiddos. But it’d definitely take a whole lot more luck to strike it rich. Bigbrownmonster was also struck by the rich heritage of the area and the presence of the Chinese coolies who contributed to its history.

Bigbrownmonster’s crystal red shrimps are also maturing and when the water temperature does get cooler in autumn and winter, it’s perfect for female shrimps to get berried. He’s keeping his fingers crossed that he gets to be papa to lil shrimpies soon! Here’s a berried crystal red shrimp recently found in their aquarium.

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