Kiddo loves dim sum cos she gets to eat a variety of stuff and they usually come in kid-friendly portions (and unfortunately at adult prices). She’s grown to be quite a connoisseur, often noting Hong Kong’s dim sums as the best she has tasted. -__-lll

Anyway, continuing our ‘food journey’……

What you need are:

  • some pictures of dim sum on your tablet/phone to be used as trigger
  • baking paper
  • scrap paper
  • tissue/toilet roll
  • crayons/markers
  • colour paper
  • scissors
  • glue
  • sticky tape


  • Get kiddo talking about her dim sum experiences and show pictures of dim sum. Relate to what kiddo and others like to eat and try to save hers as one of the last pieces to work on.
  • Throughout the exercise remind her that its a feast/picnic and that it must include something for everyone cos it’s simply good to share.
  • Relate to size, taste and colours before starting 🙂

Making Cheong Fun:

  • Cut up a rectangular piece of baking paper (approx 15x10cm) and some small pieces of ‘ingredients’ (e.g. orange ‘shrimps’, red ‘charsiew’, yellow ‘sesame’).
  • Apply glue on one end of the baking paper and adhere ‘ingredients’.
  • Guide kiddo in rolling up the baking paper into the cheong fun. Make sure that it is rolled and not pressed/folded.
  • Stick on the ‘sesame’ and cut up the cheong fun before serving.


dim sum

Making Egg Tarts:

  • Cut up a toilet roll into thirds or quarters.
  • Get kiddo to to mark out the sides of the tart’s ‘pastry’.
  • Kiddo then traces out circles on yellow paper. Leave some space on the edge and show kiddo how to snip them into ‘flower’ shapes.
  • Insert and adhere the yellow ‘egg’ portion into the toilet roll ‘pastry’.
  • Cut a small strip of orange/brown paper and stick it close to the top edge of the tart.

dim sum
dim sum

Making Siew Mai:

  • Make siew mai ‘filling’ by wrapping some crushed paper with tissue paper. Secure by taping it up. Kiddo can help crush the paper.
  • Cut up enough yellow paper as the ‘skin’ of the siew mai.
  • Cut up a round piece of pink paper as the ‘topping’ of the siew mai.
  • Get kiddo to mark/draw in the details before helping to put everything together.
  • Wrap the ‘skin’ round the ‘filling’, stick on the ‘topping’ and pinch/ make small folds along the top edge of the ‘skin’ to replicate the folds on a siew mai.

dim sum

Making Dumplings:

  • Cut a 10 x 10 cm piece of baking paper and get kiddo to crush up whatever small scraps of colour paper that are left around the work table as ‘ingredients’.
  • Get kiddo to place the ‘ingredients’ in the centre of the baking paper.
  • Kiddo then dabs on the glue around the ‘ingredients’.
  • Assist kiddo to fold and hold the ‘dumpling’ till the edge sticks
  • Once it’s dry, get kiddo to trim 1 cm from the filling.
  • Pinch/make tiny folds along this edge to replicate the folds on a dumpling.

dim sum

Making Charsiew Buns:

  • This is fairly easy to make. Get kiddo to crush paper into a ball and wrap it with tissue paper.
  • Secure the opening with sticky tape and that should be the bottom of the bun.
  • Make small dabs on the top of the buns to replicate the small folds on the real thing.
  • Some places serve buns marked with different coloured dabs to differentiate the buns. Do that if there are more varieties of buns to be made.

dim sum

So here’s us serving up a yummy dim sum platter.
dim sum

Have fun!
dim sum

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