Summer 2013

Pinkxi and BigBrownMonster does the bulk of their holidaying in the summer months. This time round they travelled to Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia!

Fish balls, glutinous rice balls and fried cuttlefish….Street Food Galore in Taiwan!
Visiting tea and vegetable plantations at Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

It’s always fun to travel cos there’s so much new stuff to see, do and chow, especially when Jan-Feb is the traditional lunar new year period. It’s time to meet up with relatives, friends and feed on new year goodies (yumyum). Pinkxi loved the treats and the lion dances that pop up pretty much everywhere during this time of the year.


Amongst the highlights for Pinkxi are the super duper impressive Gardens by the Bay in Singapore, but the hols (& summer) were almost over in a blink of an eye.

Pinkxi & BBM on the skywalk at the Gardens by the Bay, Singapore

& what better way to end summer then to soak in the atmosphere at the annual Moomba Festival! Pinkxi and BBM are always thrilled to be watch the fireworks go bang and light up the summer night. Till next summer…when the day is long and fun!



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