Catalogue 2013

BigBrownMonster loves designlicious stuff and he’s pretty sure you do too!

Happiness is shipped free with every purchase and every sale supports BigBrownMonster in churning out the stuff you like to see here. BigBrownMonster also does customised plushes and bags.

*New Market Favourites*

Market Favourites are made from assorted fabric and no 2 pieces are the same.

Petite Sling Bags
Stationery Pouches
Petite Book Bags
Mini Cushions
Flower Bookmarks
DIY Flower Critters

Petite Sling Bag (AUD30-32) strap can be customised from 30-50 inches. Stationery Pouch (AUD18-20) measures about 10×3.5 inches. Petite Book Bags (AUD28) measures about 10x10x4 inches. Mini Cushions (AUD10) have BBM-inspired prints fronts + different coloured canvas backs and come stuffed with polyester wool. Flower bookmarks (AUD5-6). DIY Flower Critters (AUD7.50).

Character Plushes


Little Pinkxi

Red & Green Carrabittos

BigBrownMonster (AUD40) and Little Pinkxi (AUD30) may be sold separately or as a pair. Likewise for Red and Green Carrabittoes (AUD45 each).


*NEW* Winter-Spring 2013 Usables *NEW*

Winter-Spring 2013 Bags
Picnic (AUD28)
Winter-Spring 2013 Bags
Rainbow (AUD38)
Winter-Spring 2013 Bags
Pixelpink (AUD48)
Winter-Spring 2013 Bags
Savanna (AUD48)

Bloom – Cinnamon

Bloom – Chocolate
All-purpose-canvas tote

Trio – Military-green

Trio – Muffin-brown

Trio – Plain-grey

Broadwalk – Ash-brown

Broadwalk – Khaki-yellow

Broadwalk – Vintage-black

Bloom (AUD48) comes in 2 colours and is reversible. Trio (AUD38) and Broadwalk (AUD45) are roomy canvas bags for young parents and all other fun loving peeps. Oh, for you guys who like a touch of everyday simplicity, BBM’s All-purpose-canvas tote (AUD20) might just be the thing for you.


BBM+Pinkxi Tee


Tees come in 4 sizes (S,M,L,XL) and are AUD22 per piece.

* Kindly contact BigBrownMonster for exact postage to your area/region prior to your purchase.