3Dfying kiddo’s doodles into plushes might not tickle everyone’s fancy…so how about getting something a little more utilitarian? Ever wanted to carry your kiddo’s doodles around (and showing them off to the rest of your mummies/daddies friends)? Well, then BBM can help! BBM is certain that this will delight your kids and your loved ones.

Doodles are individually crafted onto an all-purpose BBM canvas tote. Each tote measures 45 cm (length) x 35 cm (height) x 14 cm (depth) x 52 cm (strap).

These totes are big and durable enough to be used for daily grocery runs, library drops or even act as an indispensable carrier for your slightly-biggish items. It has 2 roomy side pockets (for a thermos/water bottle + a brolli) and an internal zippy pocket for your valuables.

So, all you have to so is to supply BBM with your favourite kiddo’s doodle……


& BBM gets it sewn onto the tote……just like this one!


How to get your very own Doodle-a-bag:

  1. Contact BigBrownMonster to discuss what you’d like to have sewn onto an all-purpose BBM canvas tote, price quote and mode of payment.
  2. The price starts at AUD60 and varies according to complexity of doodle. Price includes cost of an all-purpose BBM canvas tote.
  3. BBM will advise on file size and other details. Once your kiddo’s doodle is ready, email it to BBM.
  4. During production, BBM may contact you should there be any (unforseen) changes to cost / material / postage.
  5. Once payment is received, the completed item will packed and dropped off at the postie.
  6. All BBM stuff gets packed & posted in specially designed/printed BBM boxes.


*If you just like to pick up a blank all-purpose BBM canvas tote, it is also available for AUD25 each.*

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