BBM was carrying Pinkxi as they made their way home after his birthday dinner. BBM asked her if she will celebrate his birthdays as she gets older.

Pinkxi happily chimes that she wants to have cake and celebrate BBM’s birthday when she’s 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10……20. Then there was a pause.
BBM thought that Pinkxi had forgotten to count beyond 20 and nonchalantly followed up with 21. However Pinkxi gave a surprising No.

Pinkxi replied she’d be too old by 21 and she will be staying far, far away so she can’t have cake with BBM on his birthday anymore. But she whispered into BBM’s ear, “I can call and sing you a birthday song ok?”

BBM smiled, gave her a tight hug before putting her down and watching her skipped away cheerfully in front of him. Then he reached for his hanky.

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