Change-a-scene card

It’s school holiday and BBM is kiddysitting. Pinkxi says it has been a while since they made something together (which is very true) and she misses craft-time with BBM (gosh such guilt-tripping hurhur). Anyhow here’s something that they whipped out in about 30-40 minutes. It’s like those pop up books that he reads to Pinkxi and it’s simple interactive fun. Give it a shot!

What you need are:

  • A4 colour paper
  • Thick paper/cardboard (for wheel)
  • brass fastener
  • colouring material (pens/crayons)
  • scissors
  • compass / anything circular
  • glue


    • Fold 2 x colour paper into half. One will be the inside of the card, the other will be the cover.
    • Use a compass to draw/ trace out circular object on cardboard. Make sure the circle is smaller than half of the A4 colour paper.
    • Get kiddo to think about what the design of the card should be. Something of a scene-changer idea will be good…give prompts like changing scenes on tele, scenery, facial expression.
    • Kiddo then sketches out the inside of the card. Remind kiddo to draw in the window/windows. Make sure that the window/windows are not bigger that the radius of the wheel.
    • Cut out the window and the wheel. Assist kiddo to locate the centre of the wheel and location of where it is to be fastened onto the paper.

rotating card

  • While kiddo decorates the cover of the card, assist in making a small incision in the paper and cardboard and fasten the wheel to the inside of the card. Ensure that the wheel is aligned slightly outside of the paper so that it can be turned.
  • Kiddo then draws/design the different ‘scenes’ on separate pieces of paper and glue them onto the wheel. Advise kiddo to not stick the ‘scenes’ too far apart so that more variations can be included onto the wheel.
  • Once all the decoration for the card is done, adhere the inside page to the cover. Do note that the side of the paper with the wheel jutting out should not be glued as this will allow future changes to the ‘scenes’/ add new wheels to the card.
  • Check out what’s created in less than 40 minutes!

rotating card
rotating card

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