A Small Flower


It’s Remembrance Day on Tuesday. Every critter had been asked to bring along flowers for a ceremony in school.

Pinkxi had forgotten all about the matter and went into panic mode aka threw a huge tantrum, on her way to school. BBM tried telling her that there’s really nothing that he can do at this point (cos he’s driving!) and besides, there wasn’t anything flowering in their backyard. He suggested that Pinkxi should possibly think about;

– Make her own paper poppies simply by drawing, colouring and cutting them out in class before the ceremony
–  Just tell her teacher that she had forgotten and see how it goes, surely there’d be other critters who are in the same predicament.

By this point Pinkxi was bawling away (even more so since she started seeing other critters carrying theirs in hand) and refused to walk to her class. BBM tried again to reassure that she would be fine with either of his proposals but nonthing got through to her. In short, she simply wants a flower there and then. With reluctance, BBM looked around and picked her a small stalk of wild flower from a nearby curb. It was certainly the smallest flower compared to what the rest of her classmates’ but it miraculously vaporised her tantrums.

BBM figured that lil critters are learning to be social beings in school and part of that means they wanting to identify with other critters. To be seen as coming up short, such as not having a flower in this instance, made her seize up and hence the tantrum. Then, BBM thought long and hard…..surely as a parent he can’t be giving in to her every want and whim, surely there are certain principles such as honesty and responsibility that are sacred, surely he could have dealt with the outburst better……hmmmm well, he’s surely still learning to thread that fine line of compromise.

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