The F Word

Pinkxi was playing with BowBow in her room when BBM hollered for her to have lunch. Pinkxi skipped down with BowBow in hand and, not missing a beat, exclaimed, “I’m f—king hungry, and BowBow says he’s f—king hungry too.”

BBM almost dropped the plates and froze, staring at her impish grin.

“What did you just say?” BBM asked, though he was pretty certain of what he heard.
“Errrr….I said we were hungry.” Sensing that she might have said something quite wrong, Pinkxi clamped up and fidgeted about in her seat.
“No, I meant the word BEFORE hungry.” BBM regained his composure and tried to serve lunch as nonchalantly as possible.
“I heard you said f—king. Hmmmm….now where did you learn the word from?” BBM quizzed while passing her the cutleries. “Was it from school?”
Pinkxi’s knotted her brows, and nodded, clutching BowBow very very tightly.
BBM reassured that he was not reprimanding her as he started biting into his lunch.
“Well, f—king is not a very nice word to use. In fact, it is quite rude. We know it’s not nice to be rude to your family and friends….certainly both you and BowBow don’t mean to be rude to me just now right?” Pinkxi shook her head.

“I’m sure you meant VERY hungry. So can you remember to use VERY and not rude words next time?” BBM eased out the conversation and took another bite. Pinkxi was just too happy to nod away (feeling almost like she had escaped alive from a possible monsterly moment from BBM) and chomped down her lunch.

Nothing much else he could have done otherwise, BBM thought to himself as he watched Pinkxi in between bites. BBM was actually surprised that it had taken this long for him to hear an F word coming out of Pinkxi. He reckoned that since she will continue to see/hear tons of other stuff from others as she gets older, it’s probably better to let her know of alternatives and what’re appropriate rather than making a big hoo-haa out of everything objectionable. Afterall it’s just an innocent episode and there are a lot more worrying things to deal with when it comes to lil critters this age.

Gosh, whoever said it was f—king easy being a parent…..BBM shouted in his head.

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