The Ninja Game

It’s summer and the sun hangs high in cloudless afternoon skies. It’s (very) warm and bright during these months and every lil critter is taught about being sun-smart. But there are just those times when you just need to scoot out of the house and pick up your grocery.

Bigbrownmonster figured that since Pinkxi is going to hang around him on his outdoor trips, he’d better work out a good way to work in some sun-smartness other than slapping on mandatory sunblock. BBM calls this The Ninja Game.

Objective of the game is to walk from Point A to Point B in the shadows, as much as possible.

1. Ninjas will be toasted if they walk out in the open for more than 5 seconds. But they can rejuvenate after sipping on water and resting at the next available shadow spot.
2. Ninjas must rest in the shadows for no more than 5 seconds before hopping/jumping/running to the next shadow.
3. Small ninjas can walk along slim long shadows but not Big Ninjas.
4. Small ninjas must hold Big ninjas’ hands when crossing roads. This will work even when there are no shadows stretching across the road (for obvious reasons).

So far it’s been rather fun playing this lil game when the summer sun’s out…..:) So much so that Pinkxi even designed a Big-Small Ninja plush set with BBM’s pile of fabric scraps (of cos BBM had to put them together….). Now she can have them clipped/tied to her backpack as she goes about running, skipping and jumping from shadow to shadow.

Fancy a PERSONALISED plush for a very special someone?