An Eggy Tale


Pinkxi asked for a chocolate surprise egg when BBM brought her along on a grocery run.

She pointed to the advertisement next to these eggs, which suggested that there may be princess figurines in them (at 6, she’s into princesses and ponies). BBM agreed and told her that she could only choose and pay for one. The other condition that BBM had was that she can only eat/open her ‘surprise’ egg after she finishes all of her dinner and was done with her own dishes.

So when they got home, Pinkxi dutifully did what she had promised to do before biting into the egg and cracking open its ‘surprise’. To her dismay, the egg did not contain a princess figurine as she had hoped for but instead it was a flimsy plastic bracelet with bits of princess-themed stickers.

Pinkxi was visibly upset that her ‘surprise egg’ yielded no princess figurine and couldn’t understand why this is the case. After all, the poster she saw next to these clearly showed beautiful illustrations and figurines of princesses, not bracelets. BBM wasn’t sure what to make out of the ‘surprise’ initially. Isn’t it a case of false advertising? Certainly that isn’t quite fair on a kid’s expectation…..but then he figured perhaps it’d be better if he could bring the situation around instead of letting Pinkxi dwell unhappily over it.

BBM thought for a while and suggested to Pinkxi that it could have been a mistake made by the giant egg sorting machine at the factory. Better still, perhaps this bracelet is a ‘bonus’ surprise since it is different from the figurines placed in the other eggs. BBM wasn’t sure if a 6-year old Pinkxi would buy the ‘bonus’ alternative but she did decide to try on the bracelet and after a while she didn’t seem to mind it.

“Perhaps there’d be a princess in the next egg”, said BBM in his comforting voice (though he was quite sure it’d be a while before he would fork out more than $2 for milk chocolate and plastic trinkets).

“Or even a pony!” Pinkxi chirped.

Yes, indeed life is a journey that is filled with ‘surprise’ chocolate eggs. We pick the eggs and we get to live with whatever surprises that come our way, crappy or otherwise. & there should always be hope that the next surprise is well worth our troubles.

Happy Easter folks!

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