Summer 2015

Pinkxi turns 6 this summer.

As part of growing up in BBM’s household, Pinkxi has to learn to help with more adult ‘chores’ around the house. She’s all hands on deck when it comes to helping with the cleaning up and does a pretty good job wiping down the plates and tables.


Sneaking a peek at her working in the kitchen, BBM wonders where has all the time gone but there’s not much time to ponder over these cos there are much to do with her celebrations! The crew trouped down to Frankston to catch the annual sandcastle displays before packing their bags for the trip back to Singapore to spend Lunar New Year with their monster relatives.


Lil Pinkxi was awed by the sheer size of the sculptures at the sandcastle event and told BBM that one day they should try work out a way to build something bigger that pail-castles.summer15b

Since they were heading back to Singapore, BBM thought it was good to continue with her introduction to sculptures (in a more traditional sense) by bringing her to Haw Par Villa….BBM’s childhood ‘disneyland’. More info on Haw Par Villa can be found here.

Of course the highlight of the trip is about the Lunar New Year and no trip is complete without checking out the lion dances back home up close! Well….until next year then!


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