Apples & Grapes


Pinkxi and BBM were on their weekly grocery run when they stopped at the fruit aisle and BBM gave her a small lesson on picking out nice-looking apples.

Pinkxi was thrilled to be able to help BBM sift through the apples and filling their basket.

As they were bagging the apples, Pinkxi asked what is to happen to the leftover fruits that were dented or blemished. BBM, busy with the bagging, nonchalantly said that they will simply be discarded by the supermarket if no one wants them after a few days. ‘Well, no one wants to buy them and they cannot be given away.’

‘Why? Even when we can still eat them? But that will be such a waste, right?’ Pinkxi looked puzzled.

‘Well, sometimes the store will try to sell these at a lower price, maybe then they’ll get to go home with other families.’ BBM pointing out to the bargain corner while trying to finalise their purchase.

‘Maybe we should buy the not so nice ones. You always say we should not waste leftovers from our meals,’ she added.

BBM, with a basketful of grocery in hand replied, ‘Emmm, that’s very true. Perhaps we can check out bargain corner and see if there’s something we like….But not too much stuff, because it is also wasteful to overbuy and not finish them before they go bad.’ BBM reminding her of the fruits they had just bagged.

And surprisingly, they did find a reasonably nice-looking bag of grapes at the bargain corner at a half of its original price.

‘Yippee, now I get to have apples and grapes in my lunchbox!’

BBM pinched Pinkxi’s cheeks and momentarily, clouds of warm fuzziness float through his head.

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