Autumn 2015


BBM brought Pinkxi to Springvale Market last weekend and got themselves a live mudcrab. BBM had been craving for mudcrabs for the longest time and had saved up enough for a large one. Pinkxi somehow took to the crab and got really emotional when BBM had to ‘do the deed’, dispatching the crab after letting it lived in a pail for 2 days. Unfortunately for BBM, the crab was not full and it was an expensive lesson learnt. Interested to know how to choose mudcrabs? Better read this before heading out to get one next time……

There was also a rare astronomical occurrence that the crew stayed up to catch…the Blood Moon! It came, they gasped……and BBM had to google his way out of Pinkxi’s unending questions.


On a more earthy note, BBM indulges Pinkxi in her artistic pursuits…..checking out and learning about art at NGV. BBM is glad that Pinkxi has the patience to doodle what she likes and the gallery staff are more than happy for a lil critter to spend time on the floor appreciating what’s in front of her.


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