Two Muffins


Pinkxi was given two muffins by the friendly neighbourhood baker. One was a plain banana muffin and the other had colourful chocolate rice on top. No prizes for guessing which muffin Pinkxi preferred.

While BBM and Pinkxi were walking past a playground to their car, they bumped into one of her critter friends. The friends were happy to see each other and soon started yakking away. Pinkxi talked about the friendly baker and the two muffins she had. The critter asked if it could have one and Pinkxi agreed to share the muffins. Again, no guessing which one was chosen as Pinkxi stood silently and watched her friend gobble it down, burped and hopped off happily.

As Pinkxi and BBM got back to the car, BBM told her that she can snack on the leftover muffin during the ride home. Pinkxi shook her head and went into her clamped-up mode.

“Don’t you like banana muffin?” BBM asked.

“I do but……”

“But you preferred the other muffin?”

Pinkxi nodded and she said “Yah, it got eaten……”

“Eh, but you had two muffins from the baker and you offered one to your friend. Yet, you are upset because your friend picked and ate the one you liked?”

 Pinkxi nodded again.

“Yah….I thought she would leave the chocolate one for me, because I liked it too. And, and, and….it didn’t say thank you.” Pinkxi mumbled.

From his rear view mirror, BBM could see her clutching the muffin bag and still looking somewhat crossed .

“You know what, I’m really proud of you. You shared your muffins with your friend. Maybe next time if you are sharing something you like, you can offer to share half of it so both will get some? It’s good to share but it’s also important to let others know what you like so they will also learn to share with you.

I’m also very happy that you remembered that you must say thank you when you receive something from others!” BBM tried putting on the biggest smile possible.

The rest of the ride home was a pretty muted affair, though Pinkxi did snack a little on the banana muffin. Perhaps Pinkxi’s trying to rationalise the incident, or perhaps she’s thinking about her storybooks and toys……

In life, there are often more takers than givers. Not everyone will agree on what’s fair even when they are given more than what you’ve got. BBM can only hope that Pinkxi remembers while it is always good to share her extra muffins, she has to learn to speak up for what she wants and fight to keep some for herself.

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