Kitty Cushies


Pinkxi loves cats, she thinks they are cutey cuddly furries…..though the same cannot be said for BBM. BBM seriously believes he’s allergic to them (OR maybe it’s the other way round) and prefers to observe and appreciate them from a distance. In fact, BBM’s gotten pretty good at drawing them over the years, even before Pinkxi came along. So BBM thinks the very least he can do is make some kitty cushies and leave them around the house and give Pinkxi a puuurrrrfect surprise.

Kitty cushies are fully handdrawn with fabric markers or partially handdrawn and outlined with black fabric tape. *If you like cats but is unfortunately allegic to them, then this may just be the answer for you*. Hand drawn, handcrafted, handsewn and handsome kitties that love a place on your couch or by the windows.

Some of BBM’s acrylic cat paintings are also available for purchase as digital downloads at BBM’s Etsy shop OR you can simply message BBM directly 🙂

kitty cushieskitty cushies
kitty cushies
kitty cushies
kitty cushies

Kitty cushies are now available as made2order. Prices start from AUD45.

Fancy a PERSONALISED kitty plush for a very special someone?