Spring 2015


Hello Mister Meerkat!

With the winter chill gone, the animals (& Pinkxi) looked somewhat chirpier too. Pinkxi and BBM love going to the zoo to meetup with their meerkat friends and this time round they are happy to find that their friends now have upgraded their enclosure! They also spent some time at their fav Melbourne Museum…..though lil Pinkxi is not that little anymore, she still enjoyed her time checking out the kiddy section of the museum, along with its replica of the giraffe, caterpillar and penguins.


But the most memorable part of this season is Pinkxi finally deciding to give her bike a go. While she still needed training wheels, it was an achievement nonetheless to strain her scrawny legs as she pedaled away into the sunset. BBM hopes that the training wheels would go in a few months time…..but judging from her not too impressive track record in the motor skills department, it may kindda take a while.


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